It’s almost modern folklore, like something out of our now-forgotten time before television, before cell phones, before the internet.

It’s a show in Pennsylvania where a completely unknown writer can be a guest on the same program as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or any other liberal American giant.

If you have talent and raise good questions, an award-winning broadcaster will host you to discuss the merits of what you have to say. You will receive the same treatment as those with a commanding world presence, and for a fleeting moment, the same stage.

Where else in America can that still happen?

Try walking into the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, or any other place and asking to speak just because you wrote something and watch their reaction.

But there is still a magic to a place where the regulars meet the heroes, and the only requirement is you have something to speak about.

This man’s name is Rick Smith, and his show should be legendary. In liberal circles, he should be revered. In these times where most media are ignoring the issues that really impact us the most, there is Rick, every day, fighting for working-class rights and using his unique show to change hearts and minds. He pulls no punches; you get treated fairly, and an audience is there listening to what you have to say.

There is absolutely nowhere else where people from all walks of life can speak to today’s issues as they can on The Rick Smith Show.

The notable names who have appeared on his program personify a long and distinguished history: Democratic nominees for President, Senators, Representatives, Mayors, Authors, Labor Leaders, and thousands more, including me — the unknown writer who took a chance once and sent an email.

“The work done by Rick Smith and his staff is vital to rebuilding the backbone of our nation.”

— US Representative Matt Cartwright

Most people don’t know that Rick Smith’s first ever guest was Bernie Sanders, 10 years before he ran for President. This fact symbolizes something of a trend on his show as well. Many notable writers, politicians, and others went on his show with little audience of their own, but fast forward ten years, and they are some of the biggest American political names.

This is how things were done in the old days. I remember reading the story of Leonard Nimoy’s giving JFK a taxi ride before he had found fame as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. There is a magic to those stories, tales of being in the same place and time as greatness and telling people about it one day.

That magic doesn’t happen anymore — but on Rick’s show, it does. It happens every day.

The exposure that The Rick Smith Show gave me has been invaluable to my growth as not only a writer but also a voice in the political arena.

One small shred of that old style Americana lives on, in one location. From radio broadcast days, when the corner paperboy yelled the current news, somehow this man found a way to carve out this one sliver of American greatness and share it with everyone.

If you value the American story, if you value this type of program, if you think that people like Rick Smith are more needed than ever in this political climate, then I implore you to support Rick Smith, follow him, and help his show continue on.

Rick Smith with Senator Bernie Sanders

Rick Smith is an activist, fights against injustice, and remains credentialed as one of the most dedicated working-class supporters in America.

In 2013, The Rick Smith Show took to the open road, traveling some 9800 miles across the United States over 30 days in search of workers’ stories and Labor’s history. He crammed into an RV with his family to tell workers’ stories — their struggles and their triumphs.

What they found along America’s highways and byways were hard working people, fighting and clawing to achieve the elusive American Dream.

Discover Rick Smith if you haven’t already and help him to keep fighting for our ideals, our beliefs, and our vision for America.

You can donate to his show here, or find him at RickSmithShow.net.