You may disagree with what I write, you may lash out at it, but most importantly- I hope you think about it.

In the Campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Republican Nominee coordinated with the Russian government to hack DNC emails, John Podesta, and others, then sent them to Wikileaks to disseminate. So, where do I begin here?

We have a foreign government that literally just stole the American Presidency. While I do not yet have evidence that voting itself was hacked, there are many reporting it.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Markov confirmed the day after the election.

“There were contacts with the Trump team.”

“Obviously, we know most of the people from his entourage,” Ryabkov said.

I have spoken to those working in government who affirmed they know about this, and are unwilling to engage in having the appearance of upending a national election. So at this moment every hero I have had, every leader, every journalist who didn’t cover this, has let me down. I literally trust nobody to do what is right.

It is up to us to fight this back, any support we get is a blessing, but I wouldn’t expect much on a senior level.

It has been 151 years since the end of the civil war.
It was been 71 years since the end of the Holocaust
It has been 52 years since the end of segregation.

The ghosts of our nation’s wrongs have caught up at last, and this time, emboldened by a presidential election that was openly discriminatory, those citizens who once lived in the shadowed wasteland of the national peripheral vision have at last found the courage to show their true selves in the daylight.

And what an ugly sight it is.

No longer are the racists out there in the shadows and the darkness, talking lovingly of the day the “south would rise again”. Now they are in the national spotlight, they have risen and took the Presidency, and they are coming for everything they lost, and more.

For years, we have lived in many different Americas. White America, Black America, Hispanic America, LGBT America… and of course, as Donald Trump and those that support him so eloquently said; “Real America”.

Real America is a special phrase, a buzz phrase of history, and if you take a visit back to Germany in World War 2, you will find that Hitler did the same thing. He incited crowds by speaking of the “Real Germans”, not the Jews who he scapegoated the nation into believing were the reason for their countries problems.

If it sounds familiar, it is because Donald Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside, he studied them.

I myself am a student of history, and I always asked myself where I would stand if I lived in those times?

I would hope that during the 1860’s I would have been an abolitionist. If I had been alive in Germany during Hitler’s rise to power, I had always hoped I would have been protecting the Jews and fighting, and during the time of Civil Rights, I always hoped that I would have walked with Dr. King.

Yet, the worst idea to me, however, weren’t those that committed the atrocities, but those who witnessed human beings being sold, destroyed, and attacked, and did nothing. Those who smelled the deathly reek of concentration camps, heard the screams of blacks being beaten in the streets with a whip, watched Cavalry mow down Native-Americans, or watched a policeman unload fire-hoses on human beings, and kept silent. Those who were too afraid to stand up, they are the true enablers of history and just as guilty in the atrocities.

Democrats are already making pacts with Donald Trump.

We have arrived at the time where I need to ask you a very simple question.

Are you going to sit and enable Donald Trump to unleash his full agenda on America, or are going to take a stand with those who have a plan to stop it?

Are you going to be a Donald Trump enabler when he ties Black Lives Matter to ISIS and sends the United States Department of Homeland Security and Special Forces after our innocent brothers and sisters,their kids, our young adults?

Will you be an enabler when Donald Trump uses DHS to rip Hispanics from their homes and those they love?

Remember this, if you watch him strike down one group, then another, then another… eventually he will be coming for you. And there will be nobody left standing to ask for help when you need them.


Those of you still reading this and not filling up my email and twitter with arguments will know that there really is only one choice.

However, we have a problem.

There are 5 million protesters screaming all at once and acting in all different directions. True change is slow, however it is impossible if you do not have a central message, theme, and plan.

For all intents and purposes, this is a political and human rights campaign.

First though, we have a very tight window here.

History will show that the natural response by the Democratic Party after the surprising win of Donald Trump will be to connect to the base that betrayed them. White Voters in the rust belt.

By all means, going after middle-class white workers who feel left behind by the system is necessary to winning a national election. However, these are the same people that voted for a candidate that is openly racist. If the Democratic Party is to progress, they cannot try to win those that reached for hate in a time of peril.

The issue with this is that by consistently going after white voters, everyone else will be left behind. One of the most important issues faced by the black community is police brutality, profiling, and other injustices. If the Democratic Party goes after the white vote that Donald Trump won, this community will be left behind. I fear this.

Hispanic Voters as well will lose in this scenario, there will have to be a compromise somewhere for the appeasers. It would most likely fall on deportation and stricter immigration guidelines.

Muslims are going to be among the most disenfranchised groups during the Trump administration. Already we are hearing stories of Muslims being harassed. This is only going to grow.

LGBT issues will be set back years. Remember this, in the beginning every politician says they will fight for your rights, but they are politicians- they fight for their own rights and jobs. One of the easiest things they can accomplish is allowing anti-gay legislation to pass and stifle those rights.

Many Jews will be targeted harshly by anti-Semitic Trump supporters.

And in the end, there are the white voters left. You will be living in a racist country, you will have sold out those who stood next to you, and you will not be able to do anything about it. And when he comes for you, it will be too late.

We have an opportunity to change that, to make our elected officials accountable. Here is my very rough, early plan on how we achieve this.

  1. Get everyone who is angry about the election being stolen under one roof. There needs to be one protest that is coordinated and effective. Strength in numbers, otherwise everyone will be picked apart. Also, the key is peaceful protest. I know it is difficult to endure some of what is thrown at us, but when we raise the fist of hate, we lose the moral high ground of history.

  1. Craft a solid message of unity together, a platform. This gives the campaign a message to speak to, an agenda, and of course a united front.
  1. Social Media. If there is one issue at stake in an effective campaign it is winning the social media battle. Opening hearts and minds to the cause shows empathy for all, and unity historically has won more wars than any violence.
  1. Campaign contributions from those who support us. My goal is to create a solid movement with constant funding for social issues that transcends our movement. If we get a candidate into office, our support followers him or her. We don’t show up every 2 or 4 years and cheer at a rally. We fight for change and our goals until they are accomplished. Get ready for the long fight, and we will need funding from sites like Kickstarter.
  1. Coordinate effective protesting. One message, one team, one fight, one movement. Brutally effective, peaceful, lawful, and disruptive to a Republican agenda.
  1. Elect officials to state and local offices. Small change, lower offices, out-organize everyone else and get our politicians in at the lowest levels to make local direct change.
  1. Reform the Democratic Party by sheer force of numbers and a more inclusive platform towards minority issues. Is this difficult? Yes. However, if we are going to be effective, we need to boot out the lazy, incompetent, career hacks who could care less about our issues than their own jobs and elect officials that we endorse. This is how real change is done, this is how activists engage and make the world better.
  1. Take on a Trump Presidency with a candidate who is electric, a candidate that we support. We drive out the hate on every level, drive it back, elect those who want to make change, and hold them accountable to our endorsement.

In the end this is going to come down to going against a corrupt government, a corrupt presidency that legitimizes hatred and will domestically and internationally harm both the Office of the President, and the nation itself. This will be a fight that nobody since the 1960’s has experienced.

We are only as strong as we are united. Anyone that tells you to stick to “helping your own people” whether that be White, Black, Hispanic, LGBT, or other, is wrong. This is an opportunity for all of us, once and for all, to beat back the hatred and racism that have been the arthritis of this nation for too long, and make history by doing what is right, what is good… not what was easy.