Should I start by telling you about the camps, or the churches they burned to the ground?

I guess I should start where any story does, the beginning.

President Donald Trump took office on January 20, 2017. In his inaugural address he outlined his plan for the first 100 days, and for the rest of his term in office. To say it was met with shock is an understatement.

In the beginning there were massive protests. It was interesting to watch, because people pretend they are very passionate in the beginning, until someone burns down their home, or they watch a friend be shot. Most get quiet once they take a police baton to the skull the first time and learn that there is nobody there to save them. There is nobody to offer empathy, for fear of their own lives and families.

The truly heroic may keep at it, injury be damned. Those are the ones that began to disappear first.

After that, it is all a matter of operating in the effective and vicious use of fear. Most politicians began supporting President Trump after they saw what happened to opposition, Democrats and lifelong politicians. If they were speaking to cannibals, they would sell them missionaries. Not all politicians though, many “resigned”.

He began by repealing all of his predecessor, President Barack Obama’s executive orders. This included repealing lawful interrogations. Domestic and foreign enemies now have no limits to the amount of “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” that can be placed onto them. This also includes the expansion onto American citizens.

Also, by repealing all of Obama’s executive orders, he closed the order prohibiting Certain Transactions with Respect to North Korea, which allowed their regime to perfect their nuclear weapon programs. President Trump abandoned our alliance with South Korea, and pulled American troops from the country, which North Korea took over with much celebration, and death.

He repealed the Obama executive order blocking persons with human rights abuses in Syria and transactions, allowing ISIS to gain massive amounts of funds and terrorist to enter the United States. Due to this, ISIS was able to gain nuclear materials from Pakistan after President Trump abandoned the fight and have claimed sovereign both Iraq and Syria.

He also repealed the executive order Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations, which allowed other worldwide terror groups to gain funds, and property.

Perhaps even more damaging was when President Trump repealed Blocking Property of the Government of the Russian Federation Relating to the Disposition of Highly Enriched Uranium Extracted From Nuclear Weapons, and Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine. Immediately after Trump took office, Russia invaded Ukraine and took it over, as well as the country of Georgia. In this moment they are poised to take many other former soviet countries, while maintaining no western interference in regard to their nuclear stockpiles. The alliance with Russia had never been stronger between our two nations, until President Trump overheard an insulting joke by Vladimir Putin. The situation escalated from Russia hacking American power grids and shutting down power, to a full-on nuclear standoff, of which is ongoing. President Trump, ignorant of foreign policy and political relations with dictators, underestimated Putin and allowed him to fully rebuild what was known as “Old Russia”. Several intelligence agencies have found KGB spies implanted into them, including the FBI, NSA, and CIA. At this moment it is unclear how deep the infiltration went. One senior intelligence official stated, on condition of anonymity “It was catastrophic.” Meanwhile China continues to build islands in the ocean, claiming larger sovereignty and has become increasing hostile. The Chinese/Korean alliance is now permanent as North/South Korea has taken a position near the center of the world stage. President Trump repealed Blocking Property of Certain Persons With Respect to South Sudan, and Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in the Central African Republic. Rampant genocide is occurring with no interference in African nations. President Trump famously stated “The days of America being the world’s police are over, they can handle it on their own”. Millions have died, millions more are expected. So that’s America on the world stage, here is where we stand right now domestically.

Nearly immediately upon becoming President, Trump ordered a special prosecutor and Attorney General Rudy Giuliani to place Hillary Clinton under arrest for violations of the espionage act and willfully leaking classified material to hostile nations. I do not know what exactly the charges were, or the evidence because it was never released or independently verified. The Democrats who protested were met by riot police and many were also thrown in jail. President Trump’s supporters, while well-armed, have taken to being a well-organized militia to assist the President in suppressing any and all opposition. President Barack Obama was arrested for war crimes, President Trump held a press conference holding his Kenyan birth certificate stating he was right all along. Former President Obama was deported to Kenya in disgrace while people shouted and threw trash at him on Breitbart news.

The affordable Care Act, or Obamacare was swiftly repealed in full, and never replaced. Millions of families lost their insurance, premiums skyrocketed due to lax regulations, those with pre-existing conditions were turned away once again, and millions of people in their 20’s lost their coverage.

When Donald Trump was campaigning for president he promised to deport all illegal aliens, and he was as good as his word. In total he rounded up 11.4 million souls before he ran into his first problem.
That’s too many people in send off in one trip, or even in a thousand. The federal government needed a place to house them.

That’s when he built the illegal camps, which he named “Freedom Camps”. Several of them, all throughout the United States. It costs an average of $23,876 a year to house a single prisoner- the total of the camps for prisoners alone was $262.6 billion per year. This doesn’t include the additional facilities it costs to build and house the camps, or the cost to deport which was between 400-600 billion dollars. That reduced the GDP by 5.7%, or to put it in perspective- reducing the labor force by 6%. This is the recession on 2008’s numbers.

In less than 3 years, 1,300 courts additional courts were created and about 30,000 more federal attorneys were needed, however, there just weren’t enough attorneys active. So for years illegals wait in work camps for their time to be tried and sent home, while doing free work for the government.

The cost would be nearly 1 trillion dollars in total, but the mass deportations never came. Incremental deportations of around 100 at a time is what happened. A massive agency was created within the Department of Homeland Security to hunt and jail the prisoners. At first people tried to fight, but the executive order allowing enhanced interrogation was amended to use absolute force. Many died, now most are too terrified to do anything, but comply.

Children were ripped out of schools, husbands from their homes. President Trump’s most vocal supporters assist in this process, either by vigilante justice, or by informing DHS of their whereabouts. They are rewarded $5,000 per person for this. The KKK routinely assists Trump’s supporters and DHS, and at this point, they are one in the same.

Black churches have burned to the ground, they have been killed by police officers for offenses such as “Talking Back”, and no persons have been arrested. Protests are met with extreme force, and they also find themselves in the Freedom Camps.

Before the United States began mass deportations, the Private Prisons in the United States housed around 22,000 federal inmates. Obviously the government couldn’t hold these new prisoners, so they went back to using private companies. With the extremely large number influx, human rights deteriorated quickly. Being cost effective, prisoners were eating less than $3 a day for food, then $2, then $1.

People began dying. The news began to cover it, but the new open liable laws President Trump enacted quickly shut down coverage. No network attorney wanted to be sued into bankruptcy. Anyone with any opinion other than President Donald Trump’s has found themselves either sued, or in jail.

At this point, you may be wondering about the infamous wall. Well, President Trump did it. He built a 55 foot wall completely along the border with Mexico. Only, once in office he found that Mexico had no intention of paying for it.

He put sanctions on them, and even sent the military into Mexico to force migrants forcefully back which caused many deaths. All of this lead to the total bankruptcy of Mexico, the UN slamming the United States for human rights violations and sanctions, and more migrants than ever pouring into the United States, whom were then caught and placed in the camps.

I believe President Trump thought force alone could fix the immigration problem. What he didn’t realize was that even with America becoming more and more totalitarianism, their lives were still better here, and they were more than willing to risk camps, even death, to try for an American life.

The wall cost around $25 billion dollars, and in a few years from now, it will cost more to maintain the wall than it did to build it. Frequently, tunnels are found under the wall, and several times blasts have blown it open. President Trump placed 75,000 troops at the wall to guard it, with authority to kill as necessary. Many have died, choking on their own blood at the base of the greatest wall ever built, all for having the audacity to hope for a better life.

Muslims have been banned from the United States, those living here already were also sent to the camps “until we can figure this terrorism issue out“. They never returned, and request from the UN has been met with blistering responses from the White House.

There are many things you wouldn’t expect. Criticism of President Trump is against the law, passed by congress upheld by the Republican controlled Supreme Court. Saturday Night Live was shut down less than a year after he took office, the network said it was time for the show to end, but others talk of threats from President Trump’s attorneys. All Federal Employees are now required to say Merry Christmas during the holiday season under executive order.

Next year is election year, however, President Trump has said that there doesn’t need to be an election. What once would have thrown the United States into a constitutional crisis, was now met with celebration. All opposition is either underground, or gone.

Taxes were raised across the board on all income brackets, while massive spending wrecked the budget. He quickly racked up $10 trillion in debt. After the United States left NAFTA and TPP, the stock market collapsed in 2018. It was devastating, and it has never recovered. Many countries stopped trading with the United States completely, including China.

Families are starving, people are dying.

I guess all the signs were there of what he was, but this is life in America in 2019.

Make America Great Again.